The Multi objective Optimization of a Tricept Parallel Manipulator Using Evolutionary Algorithm

Tricept manipulator

  • syed saad farooq khwaja fareed university of engineering and information technology rahimyar khan


Parallel manipulator famous for its rigidity and precision needs optimization in different performance parameters like conditioning index, workspace volume and the global index. This paper will emphasis on the special type of parallel namely Tricept mechanism. Tricept is a 3 DOF UPS mechanism with one static base and the moving head platform. Mechanisms previously modeled with its inverse kinematics and jacobians that lead us towards the conditioning index and the workspace volumes and optimized through the genetic algorithms. With a view to compare with previous work, Weighted Particle swarm (PSO) technique has been introduced here for the multi objective optimization and results achieved through this technique was compared and validated with already published optimization results.


Keywords: Inverse kinematics, Conditioning index, Workspace volume, GCI, Single Objective Optimization, Multi objective Particle Swarm Optimization (MOPSO), Weighted Sum Strategy

Mechanical Engineering