A new generalized cross-connected switched capacitor multilevel inverter topology with the high gain output voltage for single phase solar PV unit

  • Prem P Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
  • Jagabar Sathik M
  • Suresh V


In this paper, a new Cross Connected Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter (C2SC-MLI) topology for synthesizing thirteen levels in the terminal voltage waveform and providing a 1:3 voltage boost is proposed. The topology is extendable by adding additional “n” modules in series. The number of levels (NLevel) and the voltage gain can be increased up to 4k+9 and 1:(k+2) respectively by connecting ‘k’ such ‘n’ modules.  The topology also has inherent voltage balancing ability. To prove the advantage of proposed topology it is compared with recent switched capacitor multilevel inverter topologies in terms of number of power electronic components required, cost and voltage gain.  The performance of proposed topology is validated using simulation in MATLAB and with an experimental prototype rated 1 kW fed by a solar PV emulator under steady state and dynamic loading conditions.

Electrical Engineering