Thermal buckling analysis of cross ply plates based on new displacement field

  • widad ibraheem majeed university of Baghdad


A higher-order displacement field is used for the analysis of the thermal buckling of composite plates subjected to thermal load, it based on a constant ‘‘m’’, which is optimized to get results close to those given by 3D elasticity theory. Hamilton, s principle is used to derive equations of motion which solved using Navier-type series for simply supported plates. The thermal buckling of cross-ply laminates with various (α2/ α1) ratios, number of layers, aspect ratios, E1/E2 ratios, and stacking sequence for thick and thin plates are studied in detail. It is concluded, that obtained results using this displacement field are close to those calculated by 3-D elasticity theory and other shear deformation plate theories when m=0.05.

Author Biography

widad ibraheem majeed, university of Baghdad
mechanical engineering department-college of engineering-university of Baghdad


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Mechanical Engineering