Sub-threshold Modeling of Dual-Halo Dual-Dielectric Triple-Material Surrounding-Gate (DH-DD-TM-SG) MOSFET for Improved Leakages

  • Neeraj Gupta
Keywords: halo implant, dual-dielectric, short channel effects (SCE’s), sub-threshold current and swing, triple-metal surrounding gate (TM-SG) MOSFET.


This paper presents a model of Sub-threshold current and Sub-threshold swing model for Dual-Halo Dual-Dielectric Triple-Material Cylindrical Gate All Around/Surrounding Gate (DH-DD-TM-CGAA/SG) MOSFET for improved leakages. The virtual cathode method is used to derive the current in the sub-threshold regime. The model presented in this paper also incorporates the effect on sub-threshold characteristics of the device with variation in radius of silicon pillar and gate oxide thickness. The channel leakage current is a key metric to evaluate the capability of the device. The effectiveness of DH-DD-TM-CGAA MOSFET was observed by comparing with the conventional triple metal structures. Furthermore the consequence of variation in technology parameter is also studied. The outcomes of the proposed model depict that the cutback in sub-threshold channel leakage current as compared to existing triple metal structures. The analytical results show the excellent agreement with the simulated results.

Author Biography

Neeraj Gupta

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Assistant Professor


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