Design and Implementation of Hybrid Energy Station Connected with the Network, Location Determination by Wind Speed/Solar Radiation Measurements

  • Mehmet Zile Assist Prof.Dr.
Keywords: hybrid energy station, wind speed, solar radiation, renewable energy


In this study, a new hybrid power plant designed to convert solar and wind energy into electricity. Wind speed and solar radiation measurements were made in the different sections of Mersin Province. In the designed power plant, the energy obtained by tracing the direction of the sun and the wind is stored in accumulator groups. As soon as the accumulator groups are full, the generated energy is either transferred directly to the plateau houses or transferred to the network to produce a continuous energy production. This provides a continuous power flow between the power plant and the network. For this purpose, two riser converters were built to connect the electric power from the wind turbine and the solar panels. The boost converters are designed to operate parallel to each other and to keep the output power continuously at maximum level. Both converters are controlled via a micro controller. With this work, it is demonstrated how to make and select the location of high efficiency wind-solar hybrid power plant anywhere in the world. This designed and implemented power plant generated energy can be stored and transferred energy surplus to the existing interconnection system to obtain financial gain.

Author Biography

Mehmet Zile, Assist Prof.Dr.
Mersin University, Erdemli UTIYO


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