An applied model of minimum rotating speed for shearer to avoid drum clogging

Keywords: Coal loading rate, Drum space capacity, Mathematical model, Rotating speed, Shearer.


Shearer drum of thin coal seam is prone to clogging. In response to this phenomenon, this paper carries out a study on the minimum rotating speed of shearer drum. Firstly, it establishes a space capacity model of shearer drum with clearance ring taken into consideration. Next, it establishes a mathematical model for the restrictive effect of drum capacity on rotating speed according to operation features of shearer drum and crumbling features of coal. Finally, it verifies the accuracy and effectiveness of the mathematical model through modeling test. The results show that the mathematical model can serve as determining the minimum rotating speed which will not clog the shearer drum. When rotating speed is much larger than that minimum rotating speed, the drum space capacity will be greatly influenced by centrifugal force. Under the same structural and operation parameters, the sectional area utilization coefficient of shearer drum’s discharge section is larger when it is under ejection situation compared with pushing situation.


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