Optimal Route Selection for Vehicular Adhoc Networks using Lion Algorithm

  • Mukund B. Wagh Sinhgad College of Engineering
  • Gomathi N. VEL-TECH Dr. RR & Dr.SR Technical University


Vehicular Ad-hoc NETworks (VANETs) is very important in the field of Intelligent Transportation system (ITS) for enhancing the safety of road. The communication between the vehicles will be covered under the VANETs. A lot of research works are there in the area of VANET development. The common problem that arises is achieving multi-constrained Quality of Service metrics. In order to solve this problem, this paper derives a cost model for vehicle routing problem by considering the network quality metrics such as travel cost, collision, congestion and the awareness about quality of service (QoS). The QoS awareness is fuzzified into cost model to include in the total routing cost. Since the routing cost model is a minimization function, a recently introduced bio-inspired optimization algorithm called as lion algorithm (LA) is used to solve it. The performance is investigated using three renowned analyses such as convergence analysis, cost analysis and complexity analysis. The simulated results obtained using MATLAB are compared with the existing Genetic algorithm (GA) based solution. It is found that the Lion algorithm performs better than the GA with decrease in routing cost and complexity.

Computer Engineering