A finite and fast time-optimal trajectory planning based on velocity sinking method for robots along specified path

  • Wenhu Nan Key Laboratory of heavy duty flexible robot in mechanical industry, LanZhou University of Technology, LanZhou Gansu, 730050, China.


Time-optimal trajectory planning is used in many areas of industrial robots and has a wide range of applications. This paper presents a finite and fast computation method for calculating time-optimal robot trajectories along specified geometric paths, namely the velocity sinking method. The velocity sinking method differs from those proposed in the existing literature which solve uncertain optimization problem. Firstly, the maximum velocity in multiple state constraints is calculated using a path parameterization method. Then, the pseudo maximum velocity trajectory is calculated using a numerical integration method. Finally, the time-optimal trajectory planning under path constraints is determined using an iterative velocity sinking algorithm. The experiment demonstrates the effectiveness and efficiency of this method in industrial robotic settings.