Side Information-based distributed source coding with Low-Density Parity-Check code

  • Hui Chen Department of Science and Engineering, Specialty of Electronic Information Engineering, DianChi College of Yunnan University, Kunming, China.


Considering the shortcomings of the existing Distributed Source Coding schemes on the bit error rate and the compression ratio, a side information-based distributed source coding scheme with Low-Density Parity-Check code is proposed. In the design of source encoder, redundancy is used to provide error protection, which is similar to insert redundancy to error protection in convolution coding; Set redundancy and Side Information approach is applied in the paper. Because of the correlation along the source, Low-Density Parity-Check code based Slepian-Wolf bound is adopted to implement the distributed source coding strategy. Experimental results are shown that the proposed method in paper can reach high compression ratio when the correlation among neighboring symbols is strong. The bit error rate of the sequence can be kept low between the sources are weak. It is an efficient distributed source coding scheme and is easy to be implemented.