Synchronization of hyperchaotic systems using nonlinear controllers

  • Mohamed Zribi
  • Nejib Smaoui
Keywords: Hyperchaotic systems, Synchronization, Feedback linearization control, Sliding mode control, Secure communication.


This paper deals with the design of nonlinear controllers for the synchronizationof two hyperchaotic systems.  The feedback linearization control (FLC) techniqueas well as the sliding mode control (SMC) technique  are used to synchronizetwo identical hyperchaotic LU systems. We prove that the errorsbetween the states of the master system and the states of the slave systems convergeto zero asymptotically. Simulations resultsare presented to validate the developed theory; these results indicatethat the proposed control schemes work very well. In addition, theproposed synchronization schemes are applied to the securecommunications field;  the simulation results indicate that theproposed schemes are  effective.

Author Biographies

Mohamed Zribi

Department of Electrical Engineering

Kuwait University

Nejib Smaoui

Department of Mathematics,

Kuwait University


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Electrical Engineering