Contribution of the standard penetration test SPT to the design of pile foundations in sand

Practical recommendations

  • Ali Bouafia University of Blida


The objective of this article is to present original research work results on the contribution of the standard penetration test (SPT) to the design and analysis of pile foundations on the basis of the interpretation of a database of full-scale pile loading tests undertaken in sandy soils, with the aim to provide practical recommendations to the designers.      

The article encompasses three parts, the first one presents a detailed comparative study of 10 currently used methods of design on the basis of the SPT, assessed according to their predictive capability of the axial bearing capacity, within a database consisting of 46 axial pile loading tests carried out in 27 sites in the United Arab Emirates.

The second part presents some experimental findings related to the critical (or creep) vertical load, whereas the third part highlights the concept of reference pile settlement and its application to the limit state design of pile foundations. 

Civil Engineering