Zero voltage switching self-oscillating PWM inverter in induction heating applications

  • MANISH KURRE Department of Electrical Engineering, National institute of technology, Meghalaya, Shillong, India-793003
  • Atanu Banerjee Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Meghalaya, Shillong-793003, India


A new zero voltage switching (ZVS) self-oscillating pulse width modulation (PWM) high frequency stage-3 inverter for an induction heating application is presented in this paper. To achieve the peak voltage with less- harmonic output, this network has been customized and changed in reference with full-bridge network topology. Then, an input dc voltage equal to applied to control stress of device voltage. The model is operational between 50 and 80 kHz at the rated 440V dc voltage and can feed maximum power of 1000W to the grid. The heating as well as hardening of the iron has been done at 800C temperature. The principle of operation of AM-ZVS-PWM inverter along with the experimental results are provided in this paper to verify the performance.

Electrical Engineering