Distribution system loss minimization with network reconfiguration and cost-benefit price based demand reduction modeling

  • Beenish Sultana Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and NED University of Engineering and Technology Pakistan
Keywords: demand response program, distribution system, power loss, reconfiguration


The developments in distribution automation technologies and optimization algorithms have made realization of highly reconfigurable and flexible distribution system viable. This paper proposes Grey Wolf Optimization algorithm (GWO) to generate best reconfigured topology of the system when grid is under stress condition. The solution is used in Demand Response Program based on cost-benefit price models. The reconfiguration scheme integrated with presented game theoretic demand response program is intended at getting peak load reductions to mitigate the distribution network power losses. Simultaneously this research is aimed at determining the optimal utility and customer profit and load shedding customers have to do to facilitate power grid during on-peak hours. The proposed technique is tested on IEEE 69 bus test system with residential customers. The results show 56.46% reduction in power losses and economic benefits a utility or a consumer can get with the proposed model.

Author Biography

Beenish Sultana, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and NED University of Engineering and Technology Pakistan



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