A Numerical Model with Finite Difference Schemes for Multi-Species Solute Transport in Porous Media

  • amin GHAREHBAGHI Hasan Kalyoncu University


A precise forecast of contaminant and solute transport has an inevitable role in the management of water resources. In accordance with this purpose, in this paper, a novel one-dimensional numerical model for the transport of a decay chain in homogeneous porous media is proposed. Totally, two different schemes of finite difference method including the Lax-Wendroff scheme and Fourth-Order scheme, are used to develop the suggested model. The verification and validation of the model are established with analytical results of three multi-species solute dispersion problems with three- and four-chain members. To assess the results, the total mean square error, L2- and L-norms are implemented. Although analysis shows that both of the schemes provided reliable results nevertheless the numerical results of the Lax-Wendroff scheme are more accurate.