Pridiction of 3-dimensional heat treatment model during the friction stir spot welding of AA 6061


  • Saadat Ali Rizvi IIT(BHU),Varanasi


In this research work, die steel tool was  used to joint the two aluminum sheet with together on a radial drill machine. For this, a cylindrical shaped tool was fabricated . This tool is then clamped into the drill machine tool post. This rotating tool is then inserted/indented into the workpiece thus generating heat due to friction. The of the deformation of aluminum starts near the vicinity of die steel tool impression. The tool transferred the soften material from tip to plunger. The plunger is in contact with the Aluminum sheet. Soften material is forged on the sheet with the help of plunger and thus creating a solid phase joint between the Aluminum sheets.Three-dimensional numerical modelings were performed on Ansys software. A 3-D heat transfer model was used to solve the problem of friction stir welding (FSW). This model was solved by applying the energy conservation equation. This model involves the heat generated at the boundary of the workpiece (AA) and the rotating tool and for study the problem, steady state heat transfer equation was used.The numerically computed and the measured value is compared to validate the results.

Author Biography

Saadat Ali Rizvi, IIT(BHU),Varanasi
Mech Engg Dept.Research Scholar
Mechanical Engineering