Experimental analysis and Study on Shear Performances of Castellated Beam Chassis under Three Cases of Stiffener

  • kumaragurubaran N. Salem College of Engineering and Technology
  • Subramanian R.
  • Jagadeesan K.


Nowadays, Engineers are actively seeking to improve construction materials and properties. In that, the usage of the castellated beam is become very popular due to its advantageous structural applications. Literature available in existingis described the presence of large openings in the web creates different mechanical behaviour compared to strong web beams while it does not deal with the behaviour of the shear strength performances of the castellated beam by welding stiffeners. Hence, this paper presents the study and experimental analysis  based on a castellated beam with hexagonal web openings are performed. It aims to analyse the effect of web openings if it is strengthened or not by the intervention of the stiffeners on the beam, which is used to enhance the resistance of the web opening. This paper investigates the measurement ofmultiple solutions via applying the shear and bend loadingin a vertical direction on the beamwith different numbers of stiffeners placement.At last castellated beam and deflection effects with increased depth of web, openings are analysed with the aid of Finite Element Analysis software ANSYS 16.0.The experimental findings and observations demonstrate the efficacy and the limits of the various studies of stiffening solutions.

Mechanical Engineering