An investigation on supercapacitors applications with module designing and testing

  • Mustafa Ergin ŞAHİN Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan University, Rize, Turkey


Supercapacitors have high power density and some advantages than the other storage devices. Therefore the applications of supercapacitors and investigations to develop their materials and chemistry are increases in every day. Also, the engineering and energy storage applications of supercapacitors are being continuously researched. The structural properties of supercapacitors and their technical applications based on an extensive literature review are given in this paper firstly. Then, requirements for module design for supercapacitors are revealed, and module design is carried out and set up. The supercapacitor module design is performed in MATLAB/Simulink software, and the simulation results are obtained for the charge and discharge conditions. Measurements are performed at various load conditions, and results are compared with simulation results and rated with supercapacitor manufacturers' datasheets. The power storage capacity of supercapacitor modules and discharging as a function of time is obtained, experimentally. These results give us information is about the power density of supercapacitors for different loads, and how long and how much can given the current. This study can be considered as a preliminary study on supercapacitors to be used in power electronics, renewable energy, and electric vehicle applications, instead of conventional energy storage techniques. The detailed review of the literature and the obtained data in this presented paper sheds light the further studies to be performed in the field.

Electrical Engineering