BIM-based Facility Management Models for Existing Buildings

  • Karim Soliman
  • Khalid Naji
  • Murat Gunduz Qatar University Civil Engineering Department
  • Onur Tokdemir
  • Faisal Faqih
  • Tarek Zayed


While building information modeling (BIM) is used to design and develop new buildings, one major challenge to BIM adoption for existing buildings is capturing accurate initial building data and converting them into BIM model objects. This study, therefore, develops a framework that uses various data capturing techniques for existing buildings, then converts the captured data into 3D BIM models that can improve FM. Specifically, 3D laser scanning was used to capture interior building data, while uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) photography was used to capture exterior building data. Captured data was then converted into a 3D BIM model, which was verified as being identical to the existing building, and the 3D BIM model was further integrated into a web-based building management system (BMS) platform. This framework assists in developing a digital BIM-based model that visualizes the existing building and which, when integrated with existing BMS. This study advances the existing body of knowledge as it contributes to a better understanding of how different scanning techniques can be used to develop BIM models of existing buildings for broader adoption.