Enhancing the resonance characteristics of circular patch antenna for SHF applications

  • Mousaab Nahas University of Jeddah


Microstrip patch antenna is attractive for various applications due to its easy fabrication, low cost andsmall size. It simply comprises of a radiating patch and ground plane that are separated by a dielectricsubstrate. However, the resonance bandwidth of the microstrip antenna is still an issue that needs to beconsidered in research. This paper aims to enhance the bandwidth of a microstrip antenna or introducemore resonant frequencies within the Super High Frequency (SHF) band. The paper demonstratesempirical results for circular-shaped patch antenna using the High Frequency Structure Simulator(HFSS). It begins by investigating different patch sizes and substrate materials, so that an optimalpreliminary design is introduced. Then, different slot shapes are inserted into the patch for significantenhancement of the resonance characteristics. As a result, new ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna designsare presented with bandwidth results reaching 15.5 GHz within the C, X, Ku and K bands. Also, newmultiband antenna designs are presented with improved reflection valleys in the Ku, K and Ka bands.

Electrical Engineering