Comparative power quality analysis of Conventional and Proposed enhance SRF SOGI-FLL control based DSTATCOM

  • Pradeep Kumar
  • Amit Kumar NIT Sikkim


This paper expresses about comparative power quality analysis in between conventional and proposed control techniques of DSTATCOM under different loading conditions. The goal of DSTATCOM is to reduce power quality problems, occur due to an unbalanced load, non-linear load, power electronics based load and polluted grid. The performances of DSTATCOM are different in the different control techniques. Three conventional and one proposed control techniques have been employed in the DSTATCOM. Synchronous reference frame (SRF), Sliding mode control (SMC) and Adaline based LMS control are the conventional techniques while enhanced SRF SOGI-FLL is the proposed technique. The control techniques of DSTATCOM have been compared in terms of load balancing, power factor enhancement, DC link voltage regulation and minimization of harmonics. These control techniques extract reference current for the PWM which generates switching pulses for the DSTATCOM. The complete H-bridge DSTATCOM system along with these control techniques have been implemented in MATLAB /Simulink platform and after execution, superior power quality features of proposed control technique has been investigated.

Electrical Engineering