2022 - December Issue

Part - A

Sl.No Title Section Volume & Issue
1 3-D Modelling And Visualization Of Large Building Using Photogrammetric Approach Architecture V-10, I-4 (A)
2 Study Of Perceptual Geometry Of The Body Of House (Case Study: Houses Of Qajar Era In Tabriz) Architecture V-10, I-4 (A)
3 The Indoor Air Quality Assessment Inside Secondary Public Classrooms In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Architecture V-10, I-4 (A)
4 Modeling The Impact Of Reducing Sulfur Content Of Liquid Fuels Consumed By Power Plants On The Air Quality Of Kuwait Using AERMOD Chemical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
5 Removal Of Heavy Metal Ions From Industrial Wastewater Using Magnetic Nanoparticles Chemical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
6 Performance Of A Cooling Tower With The Use Of A New Kind Of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Packing Chemical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
7 Estimation Of Local Plastic Deformation In A Bulk Of Polycrystalline Materials Chemical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
8 Students’ Perspective Towards Online Proctoring In Exams During Covid-19 Computer Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
9 The Impact Of Healthcare Traffic Over H2H And M2M Networks During The Spread Phase Of Pandemic Diseases Computer Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
10 Code Domain Non- Orthogonal Multiple Access Schemes For 5G And Beyond Communication Networks: A Review Computer Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
11 Modeling Interaction Between Distribution Company And Networked Microgrids In Optimal Operation Of Active Distribution Network Electrical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
12 Torque Ripple Reduction Of A Brushless Dc Motor Using Y-Source Converter Electrical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
13 Actual-Time Modeling Of A Subway Vehicle And Optimal Driving Management With GA And ABC Algorithms Electrical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
14 A Hybrid Approach To Power Quality Problems In Distribution Systems Electrical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
15 Optimization Of Dynamic Reactive Power Devices’ Coordinate Operation For Minimizing HVDC’s Successive Commutation Failure Based On PSO Electrical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
16 Power Quality Improvement Using Cuckoo Search Based Multi-Level Facts Controller Electrical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
17 The Performance Optimization Of Visible Light Communication Electrical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
18 Developing Photovoltaic Cells Parameter Estimation Algorithm Based On Equilibrium Optimization Technique Electrical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
19 An Investigation On Supercapacitors Applications With Module Designing And Testing Electrical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
20 Variable Determined For Optimization Of Alternating Energy On The Load By The Adaptive Taguchi Method Electrical Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)
21 Solar Assisted Power Generation System In Hot Desert Climate: A Cost-Benefit Perspective Industrial Engineering V-10, I-4 (A)


Part - B

Sl.No Title Section Volume & Issue
The impact of the decline of oil prices on Kuwait construction industry
Civil Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Dynamic compaction of sandy soils in Kuwait – a case study
Civil Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Artificial neural network modelling for asphalt concrete samples with boron waste modification
Civil Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Effects of material properties on structural behaviour and safety evaluation of an old arch dam
Civil Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Bond strength analysis of repaired concrete based on the polymerization of glycoluril formaldehyde
Civil Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Full 3d modelling of soil-structure interaction by using solid finite elements
Civil Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
The effects of pounding on the behaviour of reinforced concrete frame structures in seismic zone 2b
Civil Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Using the plate-creep test to determine the impact strength properties of concrete
Civil Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
A thermomechanical model for the analysis of disc brake using the finite element method in frictional contact
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Decision support system for tool condition monitoring in milling process using artificial neural network
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Combustion analysis of HCCI engine at different operating conditions
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Experimental modal analysis of a linear reciprocating tribometer for maximum reciprocating frequency
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
A novel approach to control the jointed arm robot by tracking the position of the moving object on a conveyor using integrated computer vision system 
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Experimental and numerical analysis of flow characteristics of sand water slurry in a horizontal pipe
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
The efficiency of mobile hydraulic system with diesel engine and axial piston pump analysis
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Influence of mechanical deflector-assisted electroless nickel deposits for wear resistance
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Dry sliding wear performance of aa7075/mos2 composite materials
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Effect of statistical scatter in the elastic properties on the predictability of first ply failure of a polymer composite pressure vessel
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Comparative analysis of indirect, direct and hybrid cryogenic machining of nimonic c-263 superalloy
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Effect of magnetic field on fluid flow characteristics and augmentation of heat transfer in a heat exchanger
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Flow simulation for a horizontal well with slotted screen and ICD completions based on the wellbore–annulus–reservoir model
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)
Extractive/oxidative desulfurization optimization of diesel feedstock by ionic liquid utilization/ thermodynamic analysis
Mechanical Engineering V-10, I-4 (B)