Automatic device for remote measuring of circularity: Development and implementation in education courses


This paper describes the development and experimental realization of remote device, as part of remote laboratory, dedicated for modern teaching methods in the field of mechatronics-measuring geometrical tolerances, roundness. Various modern teaching methods, that include blended and distant learning, have been developed and implemented across the world. Among them are virtual and remote laboratories. The reason for that is to create a better theoretical and practical knowledge base, using real equipment that is very expensive and not always available for users. At scientific institutions, it has been noted, that for students, it is very difficult to understand and accept knowledge during classes where geometric tolerance is main topic. For that purpose, at the University of Novi Sad, the remote device as part of remote laboratory is developed. Step by step,  hardware, software, remote user interface has been in detail described as well as students response, after implementation into educational processes and evaluation by the students of undergraduate studies. The fact that the developed remotely device made a positive impression on the students who evaluated it, has contributed to being constantly used in today modern teaching activities.

Industrial Engineering