Methods for protecting Network from Islanding Danger

  • Dr Yasser Elshrief Egyptian Academy for Engineering and Technology Affiliated to Ministry of Military Production
  • Dr Amin Asham
  • Dr Sameh Abdelhaleem
  • Prof Belal abo Zalam


The Process of energizing loads from other sources  like distributed generator with a total disconnection of utility grid at the Point of Common Coupling, is called Islanding.  Islanding affect the Network by safety issues and bad impact on the utility and connected loads especially the workers on the utility .

Hence, it has to be detected by a suitable anti-islanding technique which is needed to be faster in terms of time detection and smaller or negligible non-detection zone.

To detect this phenomenon, Anti-Islanding techniques, namely; local and Remote techniques, are used.

In this paper, local anti-islanding techniques are illustrated, which are used for improving the performance regarding the size of the non-detection zone and detection speed.

Electrical Engineering