The effect of supply channel structures on remanufacturing, pricing, and acquisition management

  • Alireza Taheri-Moghadam University of Tehran
  • Fariborz Jolai
  • Jafar Razmi
  • Ata-Allah Taleizadeh


This paper developed an acquisition management problem in a Closed-Loop Supply chain (CLSC) network. This study determines optimal selling prices of brand-new and remanufactured products, wholesale prices, and acquisition prices in various distribution and collection channel structures. It shows that determining the best structure is highly affected by the model’s parameters as well as the decision-makers’ objectives. Moreover, precious managerial insights from five different viewpoints have been provided for decision-makers in order to benefit considerably from various situations of remanufacturing and acquisition activities as well as manufacturing and distribution activities. Simulation approach is employed for analyzing the proposed solutions in different conditions.

Industrial Engineering