The experimental investigation of effects on performance and emission parameters of diesel fuel-biofuel blends at different injection pressures in a DI diesel engine

  • ilker örs Cihanbeyli Vocational School, Selcuk University
  • Murat Ciniviz
  • Bahar Sayın Kul
  • Ali Kahraman


In this study, it was aimed to investigate the effects of a diesel-biodiesel blend (B20) and a diesel-biodiesel-bioethanol blend (BE5) on combustion parameters in addition to engine performance and exhaust emissions compared with diesel fuel. Thus, it was evaluated how both biodiesel and bioethanol addition have brought repercussion in terms of these parameters separately. Parameters included in the evaluation was brake specific fuel consumption, brake thermal efficiency, CO, CO2, HC, NOx, smoke opacity emissions and finally cylinder pressure, heat release rate, ignition delay, some key points of the combustion phases such as start of ignition, start of combustion, CA50 and CA90 and combustion duration. Engine tests were conducted at different injection pressures of 170, 190, which is the original injection pressure, and 220 bar by the engine being loaded by 25, 50, 75 and 100% for the assessment of engine performance and exhaust emissions. For combustion evaluation, the data obtained at 1400 rpm, maximum torque-speed, and 2800 rpm, maximum power-speed were used, while the injection pressures were set to 170, 190 and 220 bar under full load condition. According to test results, the better performance characteristics, exhaust emissions and combustion behaviour of engine were obtained with the use of BE5 at high injection pressure.