Numerical evaluation of discharge coefficient and energy dissipation of flow over a stepped bell moth spillway

  • Mohammad Turki Alkhamis The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training - College of Technological Studies


A morning glory spillway usually has an odjee shaped crest and conveys spill water flow to its downstream vertical shaft followed by a horizontal tunnel.  The ungated morning glory spillways should convey variable discharges which non-linearly depends to the reservoir water elevation. The variation of discharge for unit length of the crest may cause challenges on design of downstream crest curve (that affect coefficient of discharge and downstream crest negative pressure). Furthermor, formation of a horizontal voryex flow affects the spillway discharge. In this paper, in order to resolve these problems by energy dissipation and water flow aeration, variable size steps are mapped to downstream of the curved odjee crest of morning glory spillway. A finite volume base numerical flow solver is used to investigate the effects of the considered configurations on the hydraulic design parameters. In this work, having verified the pressure and aeration of the flow over an ordinary stepped spillway, the characteristics of flow over geometry of an ordinary morning glory spillway as well as stepped spillway are modelled and compared to the available measurements on laboratory hydraulic models.  Finally, an existing ordinary morning glory spillway is computationally modelled by considering an alternative design of variable sized steps at downstream crest (by mapping their edges to the ordinary profile of the morning glory spillway). The stepped  morning glory spillway alternatives is numerically simulated for various flow rates, and the computed discharge coefficients and energy dissipations are compared with simulation results for ordinary morning glory spillway of the case.

Author Biography

Mohammad Turki Alkhamis, The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training - College of Technological Studies
Department of Civil Engineering