Surrounding factors’ influence on the accuracy of the Digital level and Total station


Digital level (SOKKIA SDL-30) and the total station (SOKKIA CX-105) are highlighted as examples of digital surveying instruments and study how some surrounding factors can affect their efficiency such as vibration, sunlight and its direction, temperature and battery capacity And by practical testing vibration as one of these condition show that by exposing the digital level and the total station using the reflector-less to vibration up to (25 KHZ/Sec).The average error and the standard deviation error rate in Elevation has increased by (22.5 times) ,(23.7 times) in 80 m distance .and the average error and standard deviation error  in positioning has increased (19 times) ,(12.8 times) in 85 m.(64.3% ),(51.25) % are the increasing ratio in average error for digital level and total station with reflector-less prism By testing the effect of sunlight and its position that affecting the accuracy of these instruments, increasing in temperature leads to increase in average error with 150 %, 66.6% for digital level and reflector-less total station. Finally, the lack of battery efficiency led to a shortage of accuracy of the Surveying Instruments.