Evaluation of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) in Selecting Building Contractors through Pareto and Analytical Hierarchy Process

  • Murat Gunduz Qatar University Civil Engineering Department
  • Khalid Naji
  • Khalid Al-Salahi


The purpose of this paper is to obtain a set of critical success factors (CSF’s) for selecting building contractors in Qatar to help the investors effectively and efficiently build their houses. A systematic review of the previous research was carried out to identify and captured the 20 most frequently occurring CSF’s for constructing houses. A survey was distributed to 280 investors to determine their perceptions on the importance of CSF’s. The survey was evaluated using the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and Pareto analysis to determine the most critical success factors encountered by the investors during building their houses. The strategy developed by this study provides a ready set of criteria which can be used by the investors and local authorities in qualifying building contractors.