Sliding repetitive control with adaptive bound estimation for motion systems liable to periodic exogenous signals

  • Yu-Sheng Lu National Taiwan Normal University
  • Yueh-Tsang Li
  • Ming-Chang Lin


Periodic exogenous signals often exist in motion systems, especially those involving one or more rotating elements. These periodic exogenous signals deteriorate the performance of motion systems, and these adverse effects cannot be practically eliminated by straightforwardly increasing feedback control gains due to sensor noise, actuator saturation and unmodeled plant dynamics. This paper describes a sliding repetitive controller for motion systems subject to periodic exogenous signals. Moreover, an adaptive law for bound estimation is devised to ensure the presence of a sliding motion for both repetitive learning and disturbance observation. The tracking motion system of a disk drive is considered in practice, and a traditional repetitive controller is also implemented for performance comparisons with the proposed scheme. Experimental results are reported in this paper, showing the efficacy of the proposed scheme.

Electrical Engineering