A thermomechanical model for the analysis of disc brake using the finite element method in frictional contact

  • ali belhocine Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sciences and the Technology of Oran, L.P 1505 El -MNAOUER, USTO 31000 ORAN (Algeria)
  • Oday Ibraheem Abdullah System Technologies and Mechanical Design Methodology Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg Germany


In this work, we presented a numerical modeling using the ANSYS software adapted in finite element method in which, the transient thermal analysis and the static structural one is performed here sequentially with the coupled thermo-structural method. A numerical procedure of calculation relies on important steps such that the CFD thermal analysis is well illustrated in 3D, showing the effects of heat distribution over the brake disc. This CFD analysis will help us in the calculation of the values of the thermal coefficients (h) that will be exploited in 3D transient evolution of the brake disc temperatures. Three different brake disc materials were tested and a comparative analysis of the results was conducted in order to derive the one with the best thermal behavior. Finally, the resolution of the coupled thermomechanical model allows us to visualize other important results of this research such as; the deformations, and the equivalent Von Mises stress of the disc, as well as the contact pressure of the brake pads. Following our analysis and the results we draw from it, we derive several conclusions. The choice will allow us to deliver the rotor design excellence to ensure and guarantee the good braking performance of vehicles.

Mechanical Engineering