Performance and Emission analysis of Multi-Cylinder Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel Engine Powered with Blends of Tyre Pyrolysis Oil-Ethanol- Diesel

  • S. V. Khandal
  • T. M. Yunus Khan
  • Irfan Anjum Badruddin
  • Sarfaraz Kamngar
  • C. Ahamed Saleel
  • Maughal Ahmed Ali Baig CMR TECHNICAL CAMPUS
  • Salman Ahmed N J


The paper mainly focuses to determine maximum potential and optimal replacement of diesel by Pyrolysis Oil-Ethanol blends and to compare with neat diesel fuel. The selected combination of fuels was tested on CRDI for different loads at varied engine speed of 1200, 1500 and 1800 rpm. From the experimentation, it was observed that there was decrease in BTE and increase in CO, HC, Smoke Emission for the combinations of fuels, while the NOx emission was less as compared to diesel fuel. Further, when the engine speed was increased from 1200 rpm to 1800 rpm, BTE was increased with decrease in CO, HC and smoke emission. NOx was slightly increased. Beyond 1800 rpm, knocking was observed.

Mechanical Engineering