Optimal Location of UPFC based on Sensitivity of CDF with Power System’s Stochasticity

  • Ning yu Zhang
  • Qian Zhou
  • Jing bo Zhao


In this paper, a stochastic sensitivity algorithm is introduced to optimize the location of unified power flow controller (UPFC) in large scale power grid. The stochastic sensitivitis are defined as the total operation cost of power system to control parameters of UPFC. Firstly, probability optimal power flow (POPF) model with power system’s randomness is established. Then point estimate method (PEM) is utilized to solve the above problem so that the stochastic sensitivities of UPFC in all possible transmission lines could obtained. Finally, by sorting influence degree of UPFC at different locations to cumulative distribution function (CDF) of operation cost, the optimal location for UPFC could be selected correspondingly. In the end, IEEE-5 and IEEE-14 system are employed to verify our proposed approach. The results show that installing UPFC by the method in this paper could significantly reduce probability distribution of operation cost in higher region.

Electrical Engineering