Flow characteristics and noise reduction effects of air cleaners of automobile intake systems with built-in resonators with space efficiency


In an automobile, an intake system refers to an overall system in which air is sucked from the outside to reach the engine. However, in this intake system, noise is generated due to various reasons, which is called intake noise. The Helmholtz resonator is mainly used to suppress noise in the intake system. But there is a disadvantage that the resonator is considerably increased in order to use the resonator in accordance with the low frequency band of the main region of the intake noise. Therefore, in the engine room, which is of limited space, there is a problem such that taking up space is increased and the space efficiency is lowered. In this paper, we propose air cleaner equipped with a resonator in a specific space of air cleaner, which is one of the bulkiest parts of the intake system, and analyze the pressure drop effect and the transmission loss performance of the resonator through flow analysis. The air cleaner with a built-in resonator had almost no difference in pressure drop from the conventional air cleaner, and the noise reduction effect was also able to function as a resonator at 160Hz at 61dB

Author Biographies

Ho Seop Song, Kongju National University
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Haengmuk Cho, Kongju National University
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering


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