Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer Process in Inclined Roofs with Radiant Barrier System

  • Adel Ebrahem Alshayji Kuwait University
  • Shikha Ebrahim Kuwait University


In this study, the performace of using radiant barrier in inclined roof was numerical investgated by using the COMSOL Multiphysics software package. A roof was simulated as two parallel plates with an air gap in between for enhancing ventilation through convection heat transfer. The simulated results were validated using a published experimental work. Results suggests that a maximum of 89% reduction in the heat gain through the roof for a heated channel with a uniform heat flux of 650 W/m2was possible. Moreover, the roof inclination angle reduces the heat-gain through the roof up to 41.5% for an inclined angle of 75 degrees.

Author Biographies

Adel Ebrahem Alshayji, Kuwait University
Assistant Prof. in Mechanical Engineering
Shikha Ebrahim, Kuwait University
Assistant Prof. in Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (1)