The impact of ISO 14001 standards certification on firms' performance in the State of Kuwait

  • Essam Al-Kahloot Kuwait Oil Company
  • Anwar Faisal Al-Yaqout Kuwait University
  • Pattan Bazieth Khan Kuwait University
Keywords: environmental management system (EMS), economics, environmental awareness, ISO 14001, Kuwait



Due to the great benefits of ISO 14001, many Kuwaiti private and public companies are preparing to gain the certification of ISO 14001.  Studies that deal with the application of ISO 14001 in Kuwait are scarce. Accordingly, this study was performed to evaluate the effectiveness of ISO 14001 standards in Kuwait, using questionnaire-based survey distributed to some of the ISO certified companies in Kuwait. The results indicated that the respondents achieved many benefits from applying the standards including improved environmental performance and increased access to new markets. Most of the firms indicated that applying the ISO 14001 standards allows greater access to capital, increases public image, and helps to reduce regulatory fines and permit costs. It was observed that environmental management system (EMS) implementation improved the environmental awareness among employees, customers and owners.

Author Biographies

Essam Al-Kahloot, Kuwait Oil Company
Industrial Hygienist
Anwar Faisal Al-Yaqout, Kuwait University

Associate Professor,

Civil Engineering Department

Pattan Bazieth Khan, Kuwait University


Dr. Tarek El-Sayed Kahlil Akel

Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt


Prof. Mohamed Khan

Yanbu Industrial College, Yanbu

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Prof. Waid Omar

Chemical Engineering Department

King Faisal University

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Prof. Reda Abubeah

Faculty of Engineering

ElMenia University, ElMenia, Egypt


Yasser Al-Gahwari,

College of Health Sciences

Jumeira University, UAE


Industrial Engineering