A New Interconnection Technique for PV Panel Cells using Cubic Topology

  • Zakariae JAI ANDALOUSSI Ecole Normale Supérieure de l'Enseignement Technique - Mohammadia
Keywords: Photovoltaic panel (PV), Series-Parallels configuration, Cubic configuration, Shading effect


In this article, we present a new cells connection topology for Photovoltaic panel. The purpose is to interconnect the cells using cubic topology.

A typical photovoltaic panel can be connected in a string configuration in order to achieve desired current and voltage. Current versus voltage (I-V) characteristics of the PV module can be defined in sunlight and under dark conditions.

This configuration will be used to assess the impact of the shading scenarios on the performance of the panel and precisely the influence on the characteristics I-V and P-V.

 The Cubic and Series-Parallels configurations are studied using simulation models to compare their performances, also we studied their characteristic parameter as a function of the shading variations. This study concerns: the open circuit voltage Voc, the short-circuit current Isc and the maximum power Pmp, in order to find the best configuration that minimizes the effect of partial shade.


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