Demand Characteristics of The Newly Proposed Kuwait Metro

  • Sharaf AlKheder
  • Waleed Abdullah
  • Fahad Al-Rukaibi
  • Hussain Al Sayegh


Traffic models are of foremost importance in the planning of any transportation infrastructure. This importance lies on the ability to predict future behaviour of users and, therefore, the demand on each link of the network. In order to properly study the demand patterns and characteristics of the city of Kuwait, a detailed modelling of these phenomena is required. The purpose of this modelling is to create a useful tool with which to objectively evaluate the alternatives proposed in this paper research. Future demand on the proposed public transport network had been forecasted based on the transportation model developed by Atkins for Colin Buchanan & Partners in the framework of the 3rd Kuwait Masterplan Review. This model, built on a SATURN platform, was translated to a CUBE environment. This step involved reproducing both the data (networks and demand) then also the model algorithms, and checking the output results after running the model on this new platform matched those obtained by Buchanan. That initial model, built for a 2003 base year, was then updated to the current situation, where both road and public transport networks were concerned. The current road network was checked, and amended or completed when necessary, as well as the public transport services.

Industrial Engineering