Design and analysis of high speed optical routers for next generation data centre network

  • Vaibhav Shukla BIT Mesra Ranchi
  • Aruna Jain BIT Mesra Ranchi UP
Keywords: AWG, BER, Cost Analysis, SOA, Tunable wavelength convertor.


Advanced optical switching systems are required for connecting next generation high performance data center system. It provides scaling of thousands of ports and at the same time it achieves low communication latency and reduced power consumption. For providing fast optical switching the arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) routers are used in the core of many switches. The AWG is preferred because of its inherent ability to perform wavelength routing of many wavelengths parallelly. The AWG is an energy efficient device and due to high bandwidth switching capabilities, simple design and low cost features this is most preferable device in optical switching technology. The physical and network layer analysis of two AWG based switch architecture are presented in the paper and a comparison is performed between switches through this analysis. The simulation results discussed in this paper show that the design of our proposed switch is far better than a recently published design. The cost analysis of each switch is also considered in the paper that shows our proposed switch design is relatively more cost efficient. 

Author Biographies

Vaibhav Shukla, BIT Mesra Ranchi

Research Scholar

Department of CSE BIT Mesra Ranchi

Aruna Jain, BIT Mesra Ranchi UP

Associate Professor

BIT Mesra Ranchi


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