SOFTWARE defined networks for smart substations in an active distribution system

Keywords: Active Distribution System (ADS), IEC 61850, Smart Substation (SS), Software Defined Network (SDN), Substation Automation System (SAS).


The Smart Substation (SS) encompasses the characteristics of smart grid, which are increasingly being employed, in the distribution substation of an Active Distribution System (ADS). In order to have effective deployment of a Substation Automation System (SAS), one of the major prerequisites is to have a communication architecture which is being autonomously managed by the employment of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Meanwhile, the newly developed technology of Software Defined Network (SDN) is increasingly used in the domain of Smart Grid. This paper explores possibilities for the deployment of SDN in the SAS. This approach has potential to reduce various latencies occurring in message exchanges within an IEC 61850 based SS. Also an algorithm for an SDN controller has been developed to prioritize the time critical GOOSE messages in an IEC 61850 based SS.

Author Biography

Mohd Asim Aftab, Jamia Millia Islamia (A Central University)

Department of Electrical Engineering



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