The potential of wind energy in Kuwait: a complete feasibility investigation

  • Esam M. Alawadhi Mechanical Engineering Department Kuwait University


In this paper, the potential of wind energy generated in wind farms is statically predicated and assessed. The average speed from four weather stations in Kuwait from 2009 to 2017 is adopted in the investigation, and three of these stations are onshore and one offshore. The value of the dimensionless Weibull shape and scale parameters are calculated. The maximum yearly value for Weibull shape parameter is 4.76, and the maximum yearly value for scale parameter is 8.35 m/s. The highest recorded monthly wind power density is 257.36 W/m2. According to NREL classification, one site is categorized as good/excellent, while other sites are marginal. The analyses indicated that the maximum yearly output energy of 11.71 GW-h can be produced by a 3.0 MW wind turbine.

Mechanical Engineering