Potential of using organic additive produced with kaolin-clay in bituminous roadways


Roadway performance can be improved through utilizing modified bitumens and/or modified bituminous mixtures within the structure. Regarding this view, Kaolin-containing-Organic Additive Material (K-c-OAM) has been synthesized in the study. K-c-OAM is a new additive material obtained in laboratory conditions with the reaction of kaolin, a kind of clay, and ethylene glycol. 50/70 penetration grade neat bitumen has been modified by K-c-OAM in concentrations ranging from 1 % to 4 %. Modification process has been carried out at 120ºC and 20 mins of blending period. The effects of K-c-OAM on both bitumen and bituminous mixture properties have been investigated by experiments including rotational viscosity, penetration, softening point, ductility, Nicholson stripping and Marshall tests. Marshall Stability values of the bituminous mixtures have been found to be increased at a level varying between 6.4 % and 9.5 % by K-c-OAM modified bitumens.

Civil Engineering