Liquid Foaming Agent for Liquid Loading Reduction in Gas Producing Wells


The main objective of this research was to develop a liquid foaming agent for optimizing gas production in wells belonging to the Santa Rosa field in Área Mayor de Anaco, Venezuela. The producing sand of the studied reservoir has five (5) active wells out of the 46 wells originally drilled, as a consequence of liquid accumulation presence at the bottom. In this research, three liquid foaming agent formulations were developed with an anionic and amphoteric surfactants mixture, performing tests to evaluate foaming and lifetime on samples with a produced water/hydrocarbon condensate ratio of 70 /30, 80/20, 90/10%, plus a 100% water sample. A liquid drag test was also carried out, explaining the liquid recovery performance after applying the developed formulations at different dosages and finally evaluated products results were compared with a commercial one. Formulation 1 obtained a higher liquid recovery compared to the other formulations, in addition, liquid amount recovered in dynamic drag tests decreased as the condensates composition increased in four samples evaluated. Formulation 1 and commercial product used as a reference did not have statistically significant differences.

Author Biographies

José Daniel Oca, Universidad de Oriente

Petroleum engineer and MSc. in Gas Engineering, with more than ten years of experience in the oil industry, professor of the master's degree in gas engineering, at the Universidad de Oriente.

Luis Castillo Campos, Universidad de Oriente

Petroleum Engineer, MSc. in Finance, with more than fifteen years of experience as a professor in the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Universidad de Oriente, Nucleo de Monagas. With articles published in the scale bioinhibitors area.

Rubén Vega, Universidad de Oriente

Mechanical Engineer, Research Professor of the Department of Petroleum Engineering, Universidad de Oriente, Nucleo de Monagas, with more than 15 years of experience and different publications in the area of drilling fluids and surfactants.

Petroleum Engineering