Performance Of RCC Frame With Special Confining Reinforcement On Slope

  • ACMM Conference SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Kattankulathur Chengalpattu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Earthquake is a natural disaster that occurs when the Earth's crust moves suddenly. Every year, hundreds of earthquakes strike various parts of the globe. According to previous research, buildings that are built on sloped terrain are the most susceptible to earthquakes. This is attributable to the different heights of the columns on the ground floor. By changing the height of the column at the base of a 2-D Conventional RCC Frame and a Special Confined RCC Frame, an experimental investigation was carried out in this study.  The parameters like load verses deflection, crack width and stiffness degradation was used to draw comparison between the Conventional RCC Frame and Special confined RCC Frame under Reverse Cyclic Loading by using Push and Pull Jack. Hysteresis curve clearly shows that Special Confining reinforcement provided for the column throughout the span because of columns with varying stiffness provides additional strength and performance against lateral force by dissipating energy. The ductility of Short column improved at initial stage, meanwhile the displacement of the Special confined RCC frame with short column also improved due to ductile reinforcement which leads to reduction in failure rate and arrest the sudden failure of the short columns in the frame as that is physically visible from the crack pattern.