Development of smartphone application for personalized physical fitness education for university students in COVID-19 pandemic era


Online distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic can impact decreasing physical activity and increasing sedentary behaviour, leading to the reduced physical fitness of students. The research aims to develop an android application (app) to assist students in developing physical fitness independently. Four stages of development have been carried out to create the Mahasiswa Bugar application. The advantages of the Mahasiswa Bugar app are as a guide to measuring physical fitness that can be done by students themselves and based on existing literature. Physical fitness test items guided through this application are health-related fitness, body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle strength and endurance, and flexibility, including features for feedback, history or recording of test results and training program. The results of the quasi-experiment show that the percentage of student involvement in vigorous physical activity has increased. Although the fit student android application's socialization did not significantly impact increasing the intensity of physical activity and motivation to train, this application could be a solution for students in fostering physical fitness independently during the COVID-19 pandemic.