Physico-mechanical and morphological studies of jute/glass reinforced epoxy composites and its hybrids

  • ICCEMME Conference


Present research work emphasis on the fabrication and evaluation of the physico-mechanical performance of jute/glass fibre reinforced epoxy composites and their hybrids. Composite samples were fabricated by closed mold hand lay-up technique. Fibre/matrix interfacial adhesion of fractured specimens after mechanical tests was investigated using SEM (scanning electron microscope). Among J/Epoxy, G/Epoxy, J/G/Epoxy, J/G/Epoxy composites show the maximum Shore-D hardness value of 99 as compared to jute/epoxy and glass/epoxy of Shore-D hardness value of 96 and Hardness value of 98 Shore-D, respectively. Experimental studies have shown that there are superior Physico-mechanical properties of hybrid composites (jute/glass/epoxy).