Performance and Emission Analysis of Waste Animal Fat Methyl Esters Blends on Naturally Aspirated Single Cylinder Engine

  • ICCEMME Conference


With emergent energy demands along growing concerns over health and ecological issues, have motivated consideration of biomasses derived alternative fuels, such as biodiesel for IC engines. In the current study transesterified waste animal fat was investigated for performance and emission characteristics and compared with mineral diesel. Experiments was performed on a single cylinder four stroke CI engine with constant injection pressure on Kirloskar TV1 having power 3.60 kW @ 1500 rpm. Using these constraints BTE and BSEC are computed. Exhaust emission behavior of such alternative fuels is vital in order to assess suitability for further utilization to compare these uHC, CO, NOx and smoke emission were also measured for all the test fuels. Emission reports indicate higher NOx and lesser CO emissions compared to mineral diesel. The characteristics found to be equivalent with ASTM Standards which is a favorable fuel requirement