Modelling and Analysis of Factors Affecting Moist Air Condensation on Mesh Like Surface for Sustainable Water Harvesting

  • ICCEMME Conference


Moist air condensation is a complex process because it relies on numerous significant parameters such as physio-chemical properties of a surface, thermal-physical properties of the moist air, and environmental conditions. Thus, the manuscript intent to structure the model-framework of sustainable water harvesting based on moist air condensation on mesh-like surfaces to increase the availability of potable water. Hence, the significant key factors related to sustainable water harvesting via condensation are identified from extant literature, consultation from researchers, and practitioners and subsequently confirmed by fabricating the experimental setup. Further than, an attempt by applying Total Interpretive Structural Modelling (TISM) is attained to provide a model framework. Thereafter, the procedure for analysis using MICMAC is implemented which performed to categorize the identified factors into the distinct clusters’ dependent on their driving and dependence powers to justify their interrelationship with one another. The research reveals that surface coating, mesh geometry, and material of condensing surface are the most dominant factor in the required hierarchy which helps in improving the condensation rate. Thus, the prioritization of the factors with improvisation intends to fill the gap for scalable, economic, sustainable, and environment-friendly condensation in various fields. This research work can be benefited to the industry to the area of water harvesting and energy conservation. Also, the researchers can consider the most influential factors identified in this research while fabricating experimental setups.