Magnetorheological finishing of small gear teeth profiles using novel workpiece fixture

  • ICCEMME Conference


Miniature gears are essential components of transmitting power in tiny motors used in the aviation, automobile, and healthcare sectors etc. Because of the intricacy of its shape, nanofinishing of tiny gear is a tough job. The rotational magnetorheological abrasive flow finishing (R-MRAFF) technique is a new hybrid methodology for the generation of nano-meter range surface finishing. These surfaces reduce friction between integrating parts, extending their life span. In the current study, a model for simulating the impacts of the R-MRAFF technique was developed using finite element (FE) analysis software, namely COMSOLĀ® Multiphysics. The impacts of various process factors on the fluid flow characteristics while finishing the gear component are investigated using magnetostatic fluid flow analysis of magnetorheological polishing fluid (MRPF) in 3D computational domain of new workpiece fixture. To evaluate the forces operating in R-MRAFF technique, a viscosity model for MRP fluid flow around a complicated component (small steel gear) in an outside magnetic field is recognized and simulated. The magnetic field has a major impact on processing effectiveness by controlling the MRPF viscosity. During the polishing of the gear component, the surface finish attained at various places on working surfaces is uniform, which is confirmed by surface characterization of teeth profiles of small gear.