Analysis of Performance, Emission and combustion characteristics of a single cylinder VCR engine when run on blends of 1-octanol and Diesel

  • ICCEMME Conference


Phenomenal Changes are taking place in the world. The energy consumption of the country has grown many folds over the past few years, thereby putting pressure on the fossil fuel reserves. Though, recently due to COVID-19, the price of crude oil has fallen since few months but it would again rise which would lead to heavy expenditure over imports of crude petroleum. Also the fossil fuels increase the problem of global warming and carbon emissions. Alternate fuel such as alcohols poses a sustainable alternative solution of the problem. In the present investigation, Blends of 1-octanol are formed with neat diesel i.e. OC-5, OC-10, OC-15 & OC-20 and analyzed for efficiency, fuel economy and effluents of the single cylinder variable compression ratio engine. It was perceived that there was increment in viscosity of the blends containing n-octanol while the heating value lowered by increasing the absorption of 1-octanol. The peak BTE and lowest fuel consumption was found to be with blend containing 20% 1-octanol. Lower CO and UBHC emissions were reported with the addition of 1-octanol in the different blends formed.