Optimisation of FSP process parameters of surface composites using GRA and Taguchi approach

  • ICCEMME Conference


Friction stir processing (FSP) of Al7075-T6 and Boron Carbide(B_4 C) nanoparticles as reinforcement were performed adopting Taguchi’s L_9 orthogonal array. Optimisation of parameters which are transverse speed (TS), tool rotational speed (TRS), and tool pin profile (TP) based on residual stress and microhardness was done using Taguchi and Grey Relational Analysis (GRA). Result showed that minimum compressive residual stress and maximum microhardness were obtained at TS of 40 mm/min, TRS of 1200 rpm, and square tool pin profile. Analysis of variance showed that TP+TS with 49.63% contribution is the most significant factor to influence residual stress and microhardness.